Friday, April 27, 2012

Tropics Collaboration and Solo

first three paintings by Emma Holister alone, then collaboration paintings

The paintings below are a collaboration between the Porto Rican artist Jose Luis Vargas and Emma Holister - oil and collage on canvas 1997 (Brighton, Italy, Switzerland)



 artist jose luis vargas circa '93-'94 at stone henge UK - fotos by emma holister

artist jose luis vargas with twin towers '91

jose luis vargas - pier - ponce puerto rico '91

jose luis vargas puerto rico '91 fotos by emma holister

emma in her geodome, france 2017, with her rescued coal tit, Piu Piu

The Pier

emma holister's corridoors - tropics solo (and other) - oil paintings from '07 onwards, france

She saw UFOs

Far Out

Yoga for Aliens

Alien Domination

and aliens in my head

 (puedo tener vieques? ... o es tu roca a ti?)

Comics Medico - espanol

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